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PathWays will assist you with offering your individuals the opportunity to self-direct their services, giving more control and flexibility over who, what, where, and when services are offered. The service unit cost is less than most in-home services, allowing for full optimization of an individual's budget.

When individuals self-direct their services, it benefits their life and develops their independence. Allow them to make individual choices while you guide them onto the best path for them.

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Here’s how we’ll help an individual with IDD or Autism and/or their representatives self-direct their services and lead them to make greater choices.

In Home & Community Supports

In Home &
Community Supports

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Supports Broker



Companion Services

Companion Services



Supported Employment

Supported Employment

Vendor Services

Vendor Services


How do I get a family set up? Do you need an official referral?

No. Just give us a call to arrange a meeting. We will meet at the participant’s house or wherever is most convenient for them.

How do I explain the program to a family?

Someone signs up to be the Managing Employer. That person is ultimately responsible for choosing and identifying staff, setting the pay rate, ensuring workers are trained on working with the participant, setting work schedules, on-site management of staff, and reviewing and submitting timesheets and progress notes. All workers who sign up become regular, legal employees of PathWays. We issue their paychecks, take out the appropriate taxes, and issue a W-2.

Can a participant be their own Managing Employer?

Yes, if they’re comfortable with the responsibilities within the role. They can also hire a Supports Broker to assist with those tasks.

How do I know what the rate is?

For each of the services available under Agency With Choice, there are only two options for the unit cost. We will help you to calculate the budget based on what pay range the Managing Employer chooses.

I can’t find your services in HCSIS

When you’re going in, make sure you select “FMS Service” rather than “Provider Service.”

Does anyone need to come to your office for anything?

No! We will come to the participant to complete the intake and the new hire packets. The workers’ trainings are done either on paper or online.

Does PathWays set the pay rates?

No. We are provided with a pay range from the Office of Developmental Programs, but the Managing Employer will decide on the actual pay rate for an employee.

8 Easy Steps To Enroll In Services

Agency With Choice will help you perform key tasks so that you can feel less stressed and more in control. Ready to get started?