What exactly is

Agency With Choice?

Agency With Choice is a service delivery option in which individuals with an Intellectual Disability or Autism and/or their family members are able to self-direct their services – which leads to greater choice and control over where, when and how those support services are delivered.

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This model of services encourages individuals and their advocates to be directly involved in the planning, scheduling, hiring, and management of support workers. As individuals are empowered to recruit and manage their own staff, Agency With Choice offers administrative and employer-related support.

Self-Direction is a

Way of Life.

Here’s how we’ll help an individual with IDD or Autism and/or their representatives self-direct their services and lead them to make greater choices.

  • In Home & Community Supports

    In Home & Community Supports

  • Respite


  • Homemaker/Chore


  • Supported Employment

    Supported Employment

  • Supports Broker

    Supports Broker

  • Companion Services

    Companion Services

  • Vendor Services

    Vendor Services

PathWays AWC services are self-directed.

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8 Easy Steps To Enroll In Services

Agency With Choice will help you perform key tasks so that you can feel less stressed and more in control. Ready to get started?