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We provide quality and innovative programs and services for individuals and their families.

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PathWays Agency With Choice enables people with disabilities, as well as their family and friends, to choose their own support service workers.

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At Agency With Choice, we believe that self-determination empowers people with disabilities to enhance the quality of their lives. After all, individuals are the best judges of their own needs and how those needs should be met.

Directing one's own services is not necessarily easy, and so many people are looking for a better way to exercise more choice and control over their services. Agency With Choice will act as Employer of Record for your staff while you retain control over your worker's day-to-day duties.

As the Managing Employer, you're responsible for recruiting, hiring,  and managing caregivers. We'll handle administrative aspects of employment – including processing payroll, withholding and paying FICA, unemployment taxes and securing workers compensation insurance. We can even help when you encounter difficult employment situations.

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PathWays AWC services are self-directed.

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