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Supports Broker

Providing Individuals with Resources to Live a Self-Determined Life

Supports Broker

A Supports Broker is paid to perform a variety of duties to support a person in self-directing services and supports. They can offer assistance with employer-related functions, enhancing natural supports, and service and supports continuity and maintenance. The role of the Supports Broker is uniquely defined by the individual utilizing the brokering service.

A Supports Broker assists individuals or their designated surrogate with employer-related functions in order to be successful in self-directing some or all of their needed services.

Supports Brokers complete the following tasks:

  • Assist with completing Managing Employer paperwork
  • Participate in trainings or other interactions with PathWays (or another FMS provider)
  • Develop recruiting and hiring techniques
  • Determine pay rates
  • Provide or arrange training for Support Service Professionals
  • Develop and implement a back up plan for services, emergencies, and absences
  • Schedule supports
  • Develop effective management and supervision techniques
  • Review safety issues
  • Assist with understanding Managing Employer duties/responsibilities
  • Facilitate a support group to help meet the individual's self-direction needs
  • Coordinate informal, unpaid resources and networks within the community
  • Identify areas of support to promote success with self-direction and independence and share info with team and Supports Coordinator
  • Identify/communicate any proposed changes to the service plan
  • Assist with development of procedures to monitor expenditures and utilization of services
  • Comply with standards, regulations, policies, and waiver requirements
  • Secure a new surrogate (when applicable)

PathWays AWC services are self-directed.

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