Supported Employment


We assist individuals in finding and maintaining competitive employment in their community.

We support an individual’s desire for meaningful employment.

Our Supported Employment service can include training, job aide development, coordination of accommodations, ensuring assistive technology is available and sustaining employment.

Three options are available:

Career Assessment – Person centered employment assessment to assist in identifying potential career options. This may include discovery activities and may be provided within a variety of settings.

Job Finding or Development – Employer outreach and orientation, job searching, job development, resume preparation, and interview assistance. Negotiating the conditions of work, such as tasks, wages, hours, and support are included.

Job Coaching and Support – Training on job assignments, periodic follow-up, or on-going support. Utilized when maintaining acceptable job performance and work habits are needed, including assistance in learning new work assignments, maintaining job skills, and achieving employer expectations.

PathWays AWC services are self-directed.

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